Special Winders

auto FreiarmwicklerIn addition to our winding and cutting solutions for foil, fibre fabrics, non-woven mat, paper and composite materials, TNT designs custom winding and cutting solutions to fit specialized applications.

This includes:

  • Sensitive medicinal non-woven mat and diaphragm
  • Metal foils
  • Glass and carbon fabrics
  • Different types of non-woven mat materials
  • And much more.

TNT designs the machine concept based on your individual requirements. In addition to our winding and cutting machines for web-shaped materials, we also provide innovative solutions for material sheets and combi-machines for both foils and sheets. TNT machines operate with total reliability – and not just in normal circumstances, but also in cooled or heated environments, in clean rooms, in fluids, or in a vacuum.

You will profit from TNT‘s many years of project experience as we design a special solution for your special application.