Slitting Units

auto FreiarmwicklerThe patented TNT MAMMUT knife holder enables you to cut through rugged and thick materials. The knife holder‘s enormous cutting power and rigidity make it suitable for use over the entire known range of material thicknesses. TNT offers well-engineered, standard solutions for slitting units (for edge trim or middle cutting) based on this knife holder. Customized solutions are also available in our portfolio to fit with your special requirements.

Perfect for almost all types of material.

The unit can be used with almost all types of material; this is ensured by its extremely sturdy construction, precise guiding and wide variety of adjustment options. Depending on the material, you can use the standard blade or the custom version for special materials. You will achieve excellent cutting results with the shear cut using the bottom knife unit, the crush cut or the perforated cut. We can guarantee it: the TNT MAMMUT knife holder works where other designs fail.

Individual components and complete cutting stations.

We do not only provide components such as knife holders and motor-driven bottom knife units; we also deliver complete cutting stations for edge trim and middle cutting. This includes frames, controllers, safety systems and even web spreading equipment. These stations can be integrated in production lines or put to use separately.

Customized cuttings strategies to fit the material and the application.

The cutting units are available in a variety of different versions. Even a bottom knife unit with an integrated dust extraction mechanism is in our portfolio. This allows cutting particles and dust to be removed directly on-site so that the surroundings stay clean. TNT also provides razor blade units as well as slitting stations with knife holders other brands. When standard solutions are not appropriate, we will develop a custom cutting strategy to fit your materials and your application.