Semi-Automatic Winding Machines

Halbautomatischer WendewicklerIt is not only automatic winders that are capable of producing perfect rolls. Affordable - but just as high-quality automatic turret winders from TNT can also deliver outstanding results with optimized material flow. The tension on the material is maintained during the winding and during the roll changeover; both ensure a smooth setup and a straightforward roll change.

Small or mid-sized winding diameters.

Conventional winding tasks are made possible by the solidly constructed design and the wide variety of version configurations for rolls with small to mid-sized diameters. These machines are also available with double box frames, conventional winding shafts and the intrinsic advantages associated with the cantilever winder model. Depending on the design, precise material attachment is also possible while the machine is paused during a manual roll change. Thus a superior winding quality can also easily be attained manually.

An affordable and versatile solution.

These machines are affordable and versatile because they do not feature several automatic functions. They permit winding in both directions by default. The roll change and material attachment are carried out while the machine is paused. You can use these machines in a continual (non-stop) production process if you use them together with a material accumulator. The clever design provides you with safe operations and convenient use.

Options for making your work easier.

There are many optional features available for these machines to help simplify your work process. These options include automatic cross-cutting equipment, lengthwise slitting units for the edge strip, multiple-strip winding with friction shafts and coreless winding.


  • Foil thickness: 8 μm to 2,500 μm
  • Standard roll diameters: 600 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Cores sized 3“, 6“, 8“, 10“, 12“

Winding direction for winding up:

  • Standard as “top side of foil facing in” or “top side of foil facing out”
  • Material attached normally with adhesive to the new core


  • Variety of bus types
  • Remote servicing via modem or Ethernet based VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Cross-cutting equipment for thicker materials
  • Pulling roll unit integrated into winder
  • Divided winding shafts and friction shafts for multiple-strip winding
  • Material accumulator in non-stop processes (for example, extrusion)
  • Winding shafts for coreless winding

Special Machines/Special Winders

  • Winding within clean rooms
  • Winding in vacuums