More than 600 machines since 1989.

Each machine is a unique design.

Every customer has his own machine park to meet both individual and production specific requirements, which we endeavor to integrate in every system solution. The same is true for the various requirements that every machine and equipment manufactured by us has to fulfill. All pictures of machines and equipment are for illustration purposes only. On the other hand, they serve to emphasize our core competence:
Customized system solutions! For your company, too.

Machines. Equipment. Components.

Since 1989, we have been developing and manufacturing winding technology specific machines, equipment and components for foil, tissue, paper and film processing machinery as well as for special materials like roofing sheets, felt, fleece, and other sheet or panel type materials.

Advice. Dialog. Know-how.

Expert advice is the key to successful project engineering. Professional consultation enables the development of customized system solutions according to your specific requirements.

System Technology. Integration. Productivity.

Based on proven concepts, we are in a position to develop innovative and customized solutions – for the individual product as well as for the entire field of winding technology equipment. This system competence is anonymous with high productivity and best integration of all components in existing production processes. The same applies to the mechanical and electrical modernization and control upgrade of existing plant sections – i.e. efficient data communication and trouble free material flow.

For transmitting your requirements, please call us or use the checklist [PDF] [Word-Template]