Edge Strip Removal

auto FreiarmwicklerThe TNT edge-strip winders – models TNT VSW-150, TNT SSW-152 and TNT KSW-290 – are capable of handling a wide variety of materials and different applications. You can rely on them for the proper solution in every case. Custom versions and edge strip components can be sensibly expanded with our accompanying options, such as holders, stands and oscillators. Edge-strip components like pulling mechanisms can further help you to accomplish your winding tasks.

Affordable operating costs with ease of use.

The TNT edge-strip winder models save energy which gives them the advantage over suctioning/extraction equipment. The machines are equipped with a controller with user-friendly operating controls. They can be operated independently and they easily comply with all safety requirements without the need for any special protective equipment. Since our models allow you to wind many materials without the use of cores, these edge-strip winders provide you with an easy-to-handle, affordable solution.

Three different edge-strip winder models.

  • The TNT SSW-152 is the proper choice when working with non elastic material. It provides an affordable solution and can operate with or without cores.
  • The TNT VSW-150 provides the best handling for suitable hard foils. It is also works with materials that have minimal lateral stretching.
  • The KSW-290 provides a solution for the coreless winding of many different stretchy materials.


  • Material speed: 0 to 60 m/min,
  • Custom versions: up to 350 m/min
  • Strip width: max. 200 mm
  • Max. roll diameter: 500 mm
  • Max. roll weight: 50 kg,
  • custom versions up to 150 kg
  • Material tension: 5 N to 200 N


  • Oscillator equipment
  • Stands
  • Holders
  • Material strip guidance
  • Pull roll units
  • Dancer units