Automation and Handling

Heavy rolls, safety directives, productivity and quick roll-change cycles: all these factors require automated solutions for the handling and process steps.

The TNT solution range from simple to fully automatic in nature:

  • They are designed to fit your technical and spatial considerations.
  • They can be integrated with the existing machines and facilities.
  • They can be created separately.
  • Or they can be retrofitted.

Some example solutions are:

  • Removal systems for transporting finished rolls out of the winder
  • Shaft pulling units for pulling winding shafts out of the rolls
  • Removal carts and transporters for picking up rolls and carry to post-processing positions
  • Core repositories and automatic core feeding for quicker cycles
  • Manipulators for automatic or semi-automatic roll movements
  • Packaging, either integrated in the machines or downstream, for packaging the finished rolls.