Automatic Cantilever Winders

TNT provides cantilever winders that are very easy to use for a wide variety of applications. They carry out automatic winding and automatic roll changing for applications with material widths up to 1,600 mm and roll diameters up to 1,200 mm. Design-specific roll changing and core attachment tasks can also be executed with ease and convenience.

Many possibilities based on the different configurations.

Conventional winding tasks are supported by the solidly constructed design and the wide variety of version configurations. You will find all of our proven types of automatic cross-cutting and material application systems in our broad line of products. With the proper configuration, our systems are also capable of multiple-web winding with friction shafts and coreless winding.

Roll removal and core attachment made simple.

The roll removal process and the attachment of the core to the winding shaft are quite easy thanks to an automatic roll-removal pusher that works together with different removal carts. Since the cantilever shaft remains in the machine, you only need to remove the roll and put a new core on the shaft. This cleverly designed system ensures safety without interrupting your operations.

Perfect systems that allow quick changeovers and short rolls.

They are easy-to-use with automatic winding, cross-cutting, and material application: enabling quick changeover cycles so that you can produce shorter rolls without expensive automated handling.


  • Foil thickness: 8 μm to 2,500 μm
  • Standard roll diameters: 200 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Short rolls of 25 kg or jumbo rolls of 2 MT
  • Cores sized 3“, 6“, 8“, 10“, 12“

Winding direction for rewinding:

  • Standard as “top side of foil facing in” or “top side of foil facing out“
  • Without adhesive (without preparation) or with adhesive applied to the new core

Winding direction for unwinding:

  • Standard as both directions of rotation, as splice mechanism with overlap adhesive


  • Variety of bus types
  • Remote servicing via modem or Ethernet based VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Automatic support for the shafts so there is even more precision with larger rolls
  • Simple handling of the rolls
  • Packaging solutions
  • Banding equipment
  • Automatic weighing with label printer
  • Core handling
  • Winding shafts for coreless winding

Special Machines/Special Winders

  • Winding within clean rooms
  • Winding in vacuums