warenbahnspeicherThe TNT versatile material accumulators are useful whenever the production process must be interrupted: including conventional winding of extruded foil and textile machines or the production of other web-formed materials. These machines meet your special requirements for accumulator capacity and improved sensitivity. TNT custom designs special models for sensitive materials or high web tension.

Beneficial during roll changes or splicing processes.

Material accumulators are needed, for example, when changing rolls in a winding facility would force stopping the machine, or when there are splicing procedures during the unwinding. The accumulator also controls the material web tension and serves as an intermediate storage mechanism in the event that damage or malfunctions occur. Comb type accumulators, with its intermeshing rollers, allow the material web to be fed in simply and easily.

Optimized adaptation to the required usage.

You have access to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We have drive concepts and versions available that fit perfectly to your requirements. Our standard accumulators are available for material widths ranging from 200 mm to 8 m and with length capacity from 5 m to 100 m. Whether you are looking for solutions driven by motors or pneumatics, the specialists of TNT look forward to helping you make the right selection.


  • web material thickness: 20 μm to 2,500 μm
  • Accumulator capacity: 5 m to 150 m
  • Material widths: 200 mm to 8 m
  • Material tension: 50 N to 5,000 N


  • Comb type accumulator with lifting column and dancer frame
  • Pendulum accumulator
  • Spindle accumulator
  • Accumulator with two dancer frames


  • Pneumatic control of material tension
  • Position control
  • Tension control with load cells
  • Controls with input and output dancer


Safety configuration with protective fencing and electrical safety equipment
Secured doors and covers for good accessibility during pull-in operations


  • Divided accumulator frame for container shipment
  • Attached input and output dancer
  • Integrated pull roll unit