A-Frame Winders

TNT A-frame winders are the perfect choice for producing large rolls. There is no other alternative that compares when winding with large diameter rolls and wide material webs. It‘s good to know that our machines are available in many sizes and configurations so that they can be used in many ways with many different materials. TNT A-frame winders also allow you to access the material for post-processing by unwinding it directly from the A-frame.

Standard or custom versions.

Two-station, four-station or six-station winders are built from our proven system components including the material accumulator, cutting unit, pulling roll unit, winding drives, A-frame cart, feed framework and electric controll unit. Roll diameters up to 1,600 mm with multiple material widths up to 2,200 mm are available in the standard version. TNT also offers many customized versions with special configurations that can handle roll diameters over 2,000 mm and extra wide material widths.

More convenient to use with a safe design.

There is certainly no reason to sacrifice on comfort and safety when working with these machines. The A-frame winder is an efficient solution; it features innovative user-friendly functions such as automatic clutch connecting for the winding drives, automatic cross-cutting and convenient roll changes.

Perfect for use with sensitive materials.

Special equipment – such as material attachment aids and extra-sensitive drives – make these machines perfectly suited for working with sensitive materials.


  • Foil thickness: 100 μm to 15 mm
  • Standard roll diameters: 1,200 mm up to 1,600 mm
  • Special configurations for roll diameters up to 2,500 mm
  • Cores sized 3“, 6“, 8“, 10“, 12“ or special dimensions

Winding direction for rewinding:

  • Standard as “top side of foil facing in” or “top side of foil facing out”
  • Material attached normally with adhesive to the new core


  • Variety of bus types
  • Remote servicing via modem or Ethernet based VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Cross-cutting equipment for thick materials
  • Motorized facility arm with nip-roll function
  • Integrated lengthwise slitting unit for edge cut and middle cut
  • Web spreading equipment
  • Divided winding shafts and friction shafts for multiple-strip winding
  • Material accumulator in non-stop processes (for example, extrusion)
  • Shaft handling